By-Law 2012-25 Change of Internment Rights

The Municipality of Magnetawan By-Law No. 2012-26 has changed the internment rights for burials at Ahmic Harbour, Chapman and Spence Cemeteries to allow 1 burial and 2 cremations or three cremations per lot or grave. (Cremation plots two burials). Written consent of the internment rights holder is required prior to any burial.

It is imperative that Interment Rights Holders note: the Cemetery Board recommends that all operators/ owners of cemeteries always ensure of taking instructions from the interment rights holder or legal representative and that those instructions are received in writing. In addition, when a burial takes place, the Municipality or its representative, staff or board member, authorizing the burial must confirm that the person to be buried is, in fact, the interment rights holder. As discussed, if the person’s name is not on the interment rights certificate, the Municipality must demand further information in writing from the interment rights holder or legal representative prior to any burial taking place, and maintain all the documentation with your records.