Committees & Boards

Committees & Boards

Magnetawan Council is now accepting applications/expressions of interest for each of the below Magnetawan Committees.

Please email your letter to Nicole Fraser,

Magnetawan Area Community Centre Committee
Name Position
Brad Kneller Councillor
Garfield Robertson Representative at large
Charlie Gray Agricultural Society Representative
Lions Club Representative
Garry Johnson Representative at Large
Maria Dunnett Agricultural Society Representative
Magnetawan Cemetery Board
Name Position
Wayne Smith Councillor
Garfield Robertson Member
Doris Langford Member
Magnetawan Library Board
Name Position
Lorinda Makoviczki CEO/Secretary/Treasurer
Wayne Smith Councillor
Shirley Dorig Chair
Sally Norman Vice Chair
Barb Vaughan Member
Patricia Lake Member
Dale Fitzpatrick Member
Magnetawan Property Standards Committee
Name Position
Tim Brunton Councillor
Committee Member
Committee Member
Committee Member
Magnetawan Community Development Committee
Name Position
John Hetherington Councillor
Emily Bolduc Committee Member
Angie Hoffman Committee Member
Merik Szabunio Committee Member
Diane Szabunio Committee Member
Marilyn Raaflaub Committee Member
Patricia Lake Committee Member
Burk’s Falls & Area Community Economic Development (BACED) Committee
Voting Members Position
Tim Brunton, Councillor, Magnetawan Chair
Rod Blakelock, Councillor, Armour Committee Member
Rosalind Hall, Councillor, Ryerson Committee Member
Margaret Ann MacPhail, Councillor, Perry Committee Member
Lewis Hodgson, Councillor, Burk’s Falls Committee Member
Carol Armstrong, Councillor, McMurrich/Monteith Committee Member
Willie Hollett, President, Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce Committee Member
Staff Representatives Municipality/


Andrew Farnsworth, Clerk-Administrator Magnetawan
Judy Kosowan, Clerk/CAO/Deputy Treasurer Ryerson
Nicky Kunkel, Clerk-Administrator Burk’s Falls
Cheryl Marshall, Clerk/Treasurer McMurrich/Monteith
Beth Morton, Clerk-Administrator Perry
John Theriault, Clerk-Treasurer/Administrator Armour
Dave Gray, Community Economic Development Officer BACED