Granular A Tender & Requirements

Tender 2017 – 01 

GRANULAR   ‘A’ – Quarried 7/8”

17,735 Metric Tonnes


Tender Closing:    Friday, April 28th, 2017 at 11:30a.m.

Tender Opening:   Friday, April 28th, 2017 at 1:30p.m.

Sealed Tenders clearly markedA” Gravel Tender – 2017


will be received at the Municipal Office of


The Corporation of the Municipality of Magnetawan

Box 70

4304 Highway 520

Magnetawan    ON

P0A 1P0

Prior to submitting a Tender, further information may be obtained by contacting

Bruce Hill, Superintendent of Public Works


Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted

Tender Number  2017-01/PWD


The Contractor has carefully examined the conditions and specifications attached and referred to in this contract, and has carefully examined the site and work location (see Form M-100, Sub-section 102-2), and understands and accepts the said conditions and specifications, and for the prices set forth in this tender, hereby offers to furnish all labour, equipment and materials, except as otherwise specified in the contract, to complete the work in strict accordance with said conditions and specifications.


Attached to this tender is a certified cheque, in the amount of 10% of the total tender, made payable to the Municipality of Magnetawan.  The proceeds of this cheque shall, upon acceptance of the tender, constitute a deposit which shall be forfeited to the Municipality of Magnetawan if the Contractor fails to perform the work in accordance with the conditions and specifications referred to or contained in this tender.


It is agreed that the tender quantities are estimated only and may be increased or decreased by the Municipality without alterations of the tender price.  However, such increases or decreases shall not exceed 20%.  (See Form M-100, Subsection 103-1)


It is also agreed that upon acceptance in writing by the Municipality of Magnetawan this tender form becomes the agreement for the performance of the work between the contractor and the Municipality.


Name of Individual or Firm:

(hereafter referred to as the ‘Contractor’)    





Signature of Person

Signing for Firm:                                               




Office of Person

Signing for Firm:                                               


Witness or Firm Seal:                                        


All inquiries concerning the Tender, prior to closing, shall be directed to the Superintendent of Public Works.


  1. Notification of Acceptance of Tender will be by telephone and written form of notice, to the address of the Contractor used on the bid form.  The Date of Acceptance shall be deemed to be the date of receipt of the Acceptance Notice by the Contractor.


  1. A Tender may be voided by superseding it with a later Tender or letter of withdrawal, prior to the closing date and time.


  1. Tender shall be sealed in an envelope marked “A Gravel Tender-2017” and delivered to The Municipality of Magnetawan, Box 70, 4304 Highway 520, Magnetawan, Ontario, P0A 1P0.



  1. A certified cheque, made payable to the Municipality of Magnetawan in the amount of ten per cent (10%) of the total Tender must be submitted with the Tender, for deposit purposes.  Deposit cheques of unsuccessful bidders will be returned within ten business (10) days of the Tender opening.  The cheque of the successful bidder shall be retained until the Municipality’s acceptance of the completed work.
  2. The successful bidder may file with the Municipality of Magnetawan, a completed Performance Bond.  The Bond shall be signed and sealed by a recognized Bonding Company, in the amount of one hundred per cent (100%) of the total estimated Tender.  Upon receipt of such a bond, the Municipality of Magnetawan will return the Contractor’s Tender deposit cheque.
  3. The successful bidder shall deliver a certified copy of the Firm’s Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance Policy for the works, within ten (10) calendar days of receiving the Acceptance Notice.  Coverage shall be at least two million dollars ($2,000,000) per accident in the name of the Municipality.  Failure to provide such proof shall result in cancellation of the Contract and forfeiture of the bid deposit.  (Also see Form M-100, Subsections 106-1 and 106-2)
  4. The successful bidder shall also deliver proof of Workman’ s Safety Insurance Board coverage within ten (10) calendar days of receiving the Acceptance Notice.  The Municipality may also require HST compliance.



Tenders not conforming to the following requirements will be disqualified:

  1. Tender must be legible, in ink, typewritten or by printer.


  1. Tender must be in the possession of the Municipality of Magnetawan by the                       closing date and time.


  1. Tender must be on form provided.


  1. Tender must be signed and sealed by an authorized official of the bidding                           organization.  A joint Tender must be signed and sealed by each Company.




1.      Materials / Stockpiling

Granular particles must satisfy the requirements of Table 1 – Gradation Requirements and OPSS Forms 314, 1001 and 1010.  Stockpiling shall conform with the requirements of OPSS Form 1001.



2.       Application of Materials

Where the tender includes application of granular materials, materials may be applied by dump-truck tailgate, providing care is taken to avoid segregation.  Where the total thickness of crushed material called for in Schedule 2 exceeds 100mm thickness, it shall be placed in multiple layers.  Each layer shall not exceed 100mm in thickness.  Compaction is not a requirement of this contract, unless otherwise specified.

Where compaction is required, OPSS Form 501 is applicable and material shall be compacted to one hundred per cent (100%) of maximum dry Proctor density.


3.      During the term of this agreement a minimum of one thousand (1,000) metric tonnes per day for ten (10) consecutive days, excluding weekends, must be applied. A penalty of $800.00/day, at the Municipalities discretion will be applied if agreed to quantities are not supplied daily.




Granular Materials

Tonne Measurement

Should Schedule 1 require payment by the tonne, the method of weighing shall be in accordance with OPSS Form 502.   In addition, where a scale is found to be in excess  of the Limits of Error specified by the Government of  Canada Weights and Measures Act (0.1% on indicated load for a portable scale) but not more than three (3) times the Limits of Error, the scale may continue to be used for no more than forty eight (48) hours.  Where the scale is in error by more than three (3) times the Limits of Error, weighing of material on the scale must cease immediately.

All materials to be weighed on certified scales approved by Weights and Measures Canada. Platform on scales must be of sufficient length to weigh the complete unit. (no split weighing) All scales and electronic equipment must be capable of providing a printed ticket. Loader Bucket Scales are Not Acceptable.




Payment at the Contract price shall be compensation in full for performing the work specified in the Tender item and for the supply of all labour, equipment and materials, except as otherwise provided in the Tender, necessary to complete the work to the satisfaction of the Municipality of Magnetawan and in accordance with the special provisions attached.






The contractor shall be responsible for field sampling in the presence of the Superintendent of Public Works.   The lot size has been predetermined to be three thousand (3,000) metric tonnes.   Samples for testing may be required.  The time that samples are to be taken will be at the discretion of the Superintendent of Public Works.  Samples may be taken from the stockpile at the source or on the road.



The owner (Municipality) will be responsible for transportation and testing of samples, if necessary, at a designated Laboratory.    Sieve analysis (gradation requirements) and percent crushed tests may be performed.



When either the gradation or the percent crushed particles is not within the specification  requirements, an adjusted payment will be allowed at the request of the contractor in lieu of removal, except where a non-conformance is so great that the material is totally unacceptable.



Payment adjustment for non-conforming material will be applied as a percentage of the unit price.   Material that requires an adjustment in excess of twenty-five per cent (25%) is considered non-conforming and is not acceptable under this contract.


NOTE The contractor may at his discretion have tests performed on the product during production to  ensure that an acceptable product is being produced.  Costs of tests performed by the Contractor shall be the responsibility of the Contractor.



The Contractor shall commence delivery of ‘A’ gravel per Schedule 2 within five (5) business days of written notice from the Municipality.


The Contractor shall complete the work within twenty (20) business days of receiving written notice from the Municipality.


If the time limit above is not sufficient to permit completion by the Contractor, working a normal number of hours, the Contractor shall make changes to permit the work to be completed within the allotted time.  Additional costs incurred shall be deemed to be included in the price bid for the works.

If the work is not completed by the above date or by an amended date allowed by an approved extension of time (see Form  M-100, Subsection 107-2) then the  Contractor agrees to pay the Municipality of Magnetawan  a sum of Eight Hundred Dollars ($800.00) per calendar day, for each day’s delay in finishing the work, excluding weekends.







Schedule 1

Form of Tender



Granular A as per OPSS 1010 – Quarried 7/8”





Item Number


Item Description




Unit Price







See Schedule 2

– Location of Work


15,735 Tonnes










See Schedule 2


1,500 MT at PW yard







Estimated Tender













Total Estimated Tender








Gordon Hwy #520 end 840 0.5 350
Roskopf Boundary end 1695 2.1 1,475
Rocky Nipissing N Miller 1670 1.5 1,055
Nipissing N Hwy #124 Cemetery 1310 0.4 280
Nipissing N Cemetery Rocky 1315 2.3 1,615
Cemetery Nipissing N Hwy #124 450 0.5 350
E. Whalley Lake Hwy #124 turn around 680 1.3 915
Nipissing S Bothams Canoe Lake 1360 5.8 4,075
Bothams Nipissing S Plum Tree 370 5.8 4,075
Bothams Plum Tree Nelson Lake 375 2.2 1,545
18 Miller Rd PW Yard Stock Pile na 1,000
Reserve stockpile at the pit Stock Pile na 1,000
Totals 22.4 17,735