Friday, December 15, 2017
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The Municipality of Magnetawan is located in the District of Parry Sound, approximately 60km east of Parry Sound and 20km west of Burk’s Falls. The core of the community is the Village of Magnetawan which is home to a permanent population of 300 residents. The Village serves as a commercial and recreational hub that provides goods, services and outdoor recreational activities to both permanent and seasonal residents on Lake Cecebe and Ahmic Lake.

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News - General

News - General

One of the greatest assets in the Municipality of Magnetawan is its waterfront environment. The development of the waterfront is therefore one of the most significant planning issues facing the Municipality.

Within the Municipality there are two large lakes, Lake Cecebe and Ahmic lake, both part of the Magnetawan River System. Horn Lake is s separate medium sized lake that is primarily spring fed and is considered a cold water lake trout lake. Whalley Lake is what we would consider to be a smaller lake that is a warm water lake.

The lakes can be categorized into three sizes. Three lakes can be classified as large - Rosseau, Joseph, and Georgian Bay. There are 19 medium sized lakes, 89 small lakes, and 72 lakes that as a result of no or limited access could be considered remote lakes.

Permanent and seasonal residents appreciate the importance to the character of the community as both significant natural landscape features and as a main generator of tourism and economic development activity in the Municipality. Most of the lakes have been developed historically with a mix of seasonal and permanent residential uses, along with tourist commercial activities like camps and resorts and marina facilities. Very little "undeveloped' lands remain around the lakes and what remains contains the most significant environmental features or the most difficult terrain.


News - General

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