Roadside Ditching/Brushing Tender

Roadside Ditching/Brushing Tender

TENDER #2017-04


Tender Closing:  Tuesday, May 9nd, 2017 at 11:45 a.m.

Tender Opening:  Tuesday, May 9nd, 2017 at 1:00 p.m.

Sealed Tenders clearly marked Tender-Roadside Ditching & Brushing-2017

will be received at the Municipal Office of

The Corporation of the Municipality of Magnetawan

Box 70

4304 Highway 520

Magnetawan, ON

P0A 1P0

Please Note:

Prior to submitting a Tender package, further information may be obtained by contacting Bruce Hill, Superintendent of Public Works, .

NOTE: Mandatory Site Meeting attendance is required

Lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted


The Contractor has carefully examined the conditions and specification attached and referred to in this Contract, has carefully examined the site and work location and understands and accepts the said conditions and specifications, and for the prices set forth in this Tender, hereby offers to furnish all labour, equipment and materials, except as otherwise specified in this Contract, to complete the work in strict accordance with said conditions and specifications.

Attached to this Tender is a Certified Cheque, in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the total Tender, made payable to The Corporation of the Municipality of Magnetawan. The proceeds of this cheque shall, upon acceptance of the Tender, constitute a deposit which shall be forfeit to the Municipality if the Contractor fails to perform the work in accordance with the conditions and specifications referred to or contained in this Tender.

It is agreed that the Tender quantities are estimated only and may be increased or decreased by the Municipality without alteration of the Tender price. However, such increases or decreases shall not exceed twenty percent (20%).

It is also agreed that, upon acceptance in writing by the Municipality, this Tender Form becomes the “Agreement for the Performance of the Work” between the Contractor and the Municipality.

This offer shall be irrevocable for a period of thirty (30) calendar days following the date of Tender opening.

Tendering Procedures

  1. All inquiries concerning the Tender, prior to closing, shall be directed to the Superintendent of Public Works, .

  1. Notification of Acceptance of Tender will be by telephone and written form of notice, to the address of the Contractor used on the bid form. The Date of Acceptance shall be deemed to be the date or receipt of the Acceptance Notice by the Contractor.

  1. A Tender may be voided by superseding it with a later Tender or letter of withdrawal, prior to the closing date and time.

Tendering Requirements

  1. The successful bidder may file with the Municipality of Magnetawan, a completed Performance Bond. The Bond shall be signed and sealed by a recognised Bonding Company, in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the total estimated Tender. Upon receipt of such a bond, the       Municipality of Magnetawan will return the Contractor’s Tender deposit cheque.

  1. The successful bidder shall deliver a certified copy of the Firm’s Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance Policy for the works, within ten (10) calendar days of receiving the Acceptance Notice. Coverage shall be at least two million dollars ($2,000,000) per occurrence in the name of the Municipality. Failure to provide such proof shall result in cancellation of the Contract and forfeiture of the bid deposit.

  1. The successful bidder shall also deliver proof of Workman’s Safety Insurance Board coverage within ten (10) calendar days of receiving the Acceptance Notice.

  1. All bidders shall attend a mandatory site visit, for each segment, on Friday, April 28th, 2017 commencing at 0830h. Failure to do so will result in rejection of bid.

Basis of Rejection of Tender

Tenders not conforming to the following requirements will be disqualified:

1.         Tender must be legible, in ink, typewritten, or by printer.

2.         Tender must be in the possession of the Municipality o Magnetawan by the closing date      and time and on form provided.

3.         Tender must be signed and sealed by an authorized official of the bidding organization. A joint             Tender must be signed and sealed by each Company.



I/We, promise to perform the work without undue

(The Contractor)

delay and complete the work by July 21st, 2017, given a work start date of June 12th, 2017.

Dated this day of , 2017.

Company Name:

Mailing address:

Telephone Number: Fax Number:

Signature of Contractor

Please print name in full

: Witness or Firm seal



Completion Date:

The Contractor shall complete the work by:  July 21st, 2017

Start date shall not be later than June 12th, 2017, but may be a little earlier depending on the status of other scheduled maintenance operations such as grading and dust suppression.

If the time limit above is not sufficient to permit completion by the Contractor working a normal number of hours, the Contractor shall make changes in his schedule to permit the work to be completed by the above date. Additional costs incurred shall be deemed to be included in the price bid for the works.

If the work is not completed by the above date, or by an amended date allowed by an approved extension of time, then the Contractor agrees to pay the Municipality a sum of two hundred dollars ($200) per calendar day for each day’s delay in finishing the work, excluding weekends.

Hold Harmless

The contractor shall be responsible for any and all damages, or claims for damages or injuries or accidents done or caused by him/her or his/her employees or resulting from the prosecution of the works, or any of his/her operation, caused by reason of the existence or location or condition of works, or of any material, plant, or machinery used therein or which may happen by reason thereof or arising from any failure, neglect or omission on his/her part, or on the part of his/her employees to do or perform any or all of the several acts or things required to be done by him/her or them under this agreement and by these conditions and covenants and agrees to hold the Municipality of Magnetawan harmless, and indemnified for all such damages and claims for damage.

General Conditions

1.01     Ontario Provincial Standard Specification and Form M-100

Form M-100 “General Conditions of Contract: and the Ontario Provincial Standard Specifications listed below apply on this Contract, unless otherwise stated in the attached Tender documents. The particular revision in effect at the time the Contract is advertised, shall apply. Where further detail or clarification is required, reference shall be made to the appropriate Ontario Provincial Standard Specification below, or to Form M-100. Form M-100 and the following specifications are available for review at the Office of the Municipal Clerk. Copies may be obtained from the Ministry of Transportation in Huntsville, Ontario.

  1. OPSS FORM 202.
  2. OPSS FORM 206.
  3. OPSS FORM 301.
  4. Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7.

2.0       Payment, Hold Back, and Completion

Payment will be made by the Municipality in lump sum after completion of all work agreed upon. Municipal policy regarding payment of invoices is Net 30 days.

In addition to the normal ten percent (10%) holdback, additional holdback, may be retained to cover any written liens submitted during the Contract as soon as possible following the certification by the Contractor and any sub-contractors. The Contractor shall return the certified final estimate and Worker’s Safety Insurance Board clearances within thirty (30) calendar days. Holdback not including an amount retained for unresolved claims will be released to the Contractor forty-five (45) calendar days after certification by the Municipality that the Contract in “complete”. (See the Construction Lien Act).

3.0       Performance Evaluation

Failure to execute the Contract in a competent manner shall result in the bidder’s disqualification from bidding on the Municipality’s contracts for a period of two (2) years.

4.0        Additional Work

Any additional work shall be awarded at the same unit price as is bid on the original work.


The segments requiring treatment are as follows;


Schedule A delineates six segments of roadway ditch within the Municipality where roadside ditching and brushing is required. Two segments, as indicated, require bedrock removal via blasting.  In Segment 3 in particular, it is desired to cut the rock back to the east so as to remove the intrusion into the roadway as well as to facilitate a ditch. This will enable widening of the curve geometry there. Brushing includes removal of brush, tree felling and stump removal for trees and shrubs within the ditch alignment. It is essential that all felled trees on the road be cut up immediately or chipped and removed from the road so as not to block the road and allow traffic to pass at a maximum of 15 minutes wait periods.

As there is a mandatory site meeting required of all bidders, further information can be obtained on site at that time on April 28th, 2017 starting at 0830h.


  1. The Municipality will reject the bid of any contractor not represented and signed in on the attendance sheet for the mandatory site meeting.
  2. There is a maximum budget amount for this work. If the bids received generally exceed the budget amount, the Superintendent of Public Works will re-size the work to fit the budgeted amount. This will be discussed with the successful bidder at that time.
  3. The Contractor is responsible for providing a proper and lawful dump site for the excavated material (spoil) and/or trees and stumps. In places, the felled trees may be chipped via a mechanical chipper machine and the chips ejected beyond the back-slope of the ditch.
  4. The Contractor shall determine and satisfy his/her self where blasting is required, or if other mechanical rock removal processes may be used.
  5. The Contractor shall perform a pre-blast survey, by a qualified consultant, where necessary, and bear its’ cost.
  6. Generally, the ditch fore-slope and back-slope shall be 2:1. However, in areas of bedrock, the back-slope may remain in its’ existing slope so long as it does not obstruct the ditch flow. Ditches to have ‘V’ cross-section.
  7. There shall be no sub-contracting of the work by the Contractor without the written approval of the Superintendent of Public Works.
  8. Contractor shall provide Traffic Control-Temporary Conditions as per OTM Book 7.
  9. Contractor is responsible for damage to the roadway done by his/her equipment.
  10. All inverts of ditches shall be 600mm(2ft) min. below shoulder in depth.
  11. Contractor shall deploy only personnel who can prove that they are      safety-trained in the tasks they are assigned on this job.
  12. Segment 5 is mostly reclamation of the road to it’s proper width. It is presently too wide.


Bidder to price per linear meter for each segment, and total (not incl.HST).

SEGMENT 1   $____________/m__(Cdn)   $________________

SEGMENT 2   $___________/m___(Cdn)  $________________

SEGMENT 3   $____________/m__(Cdn)  $________________

SEGMENT 4   $____________/m___(Cdn)  $________________

SEGMENT 5   $____________/m___(Cdn)  $________________

SEGMENT 6   $____________/m___(Cdn)  $________________

Sub- Total                                     $________________(Cdn)

HST                                                 $_________________(Cdn)

Overall Total                                 $_________________(Cdn)

Bid prices include ditching/blasting and brushing/felling for each segment. The contractor shall delineate brushing from ditching when invoicing for the work. Blasting shall be included in ditching price for each segment where it applies.

xlsDitching_Schedule.xls31 KB

Addendum to RFT 2017-04 Ditching & Brushing

  1. The distances requiring rock excavation as noted in Schedule A have changed since the original assessment.  Contractors should base their pricing on the segments marked out with orange paint and/or stakes.


  1. Contractors are hereby notified that the work to be priced on Orange Valley Road should include ditching where possible and brushing/felling. Any rock encountered should be cleaned off but no rock excavation is to be included.