Scrap Recycling RFP


Request for Proposal

Date of Issue:       Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Proposal Submission Deadline:        Friday, October 14th, 2016

Section 1      Introduction and General Instructions

1.01 Introduction

The Municipality of Magnetawan is inviting proposals from qualified companies for the collection and recycling of scrap metals, white goods (large appliances), automobile batteries and tires. The Municipality of Magnetawan has two landfill sites. They are Chapman on the east side and Croft on the west side. Scrap metals, rubber tires and batteries are collected at both sites but white goods may only be collected at Chapman.

This Request for Proposals document (and any other applicable attachments or addenda) is available in PDF format through the Municipality of Magnetawan’s website at

Magnetawan’s Procurement Policy is available for review at the Municipal Office

1.02 Submission of Proposals

Proposals shall be submitted in the form and format specified in Section 3 and shall include the completed Form of Proposal included as Section 4 at the end of this document.  A designated signing officer authorized to bind the Bidder to the provisions of their Proposal must sign the Form of Proposal.  Any addenda issued by the Municipality of Magnetawan in accordance with Subsection 1.06 must be acknowledged by the Bidder on the Form of Proposal.

Each Bidder is asked to submit one (1) set of the Proposal. All Proposals must be signed, sealed, the envelope marked with the Bidder’s name and the Project Name, and received by:

The Municipality of Magnetawan

PO Box 70, 4304 Hwy 520

Magnetawan, ON

P0A 1P0


Proposals must be received no later than 3:30 p.m., local time, on Friday, October 14th, 2016.

Proposals must not be restricted by a statement added to the Form of Proposal or by a covering letter, or by alterations to the Form of Proposal supplied unless otherwise provided in the RFP.

The onus unequivocally remains with the Bidder to ensure that the Municipality of Magnetawan receives Proposals delivered or sent by courier prior to the Proposal Submission Deadline, in accordance with the submission process described in this section.  Proposals received after the Proposal Submission Deadline will not be considered and will be returned unopened. Faxed or electronic submissions will not be accepted in response to this RFP.

1.03 Contacts

All questions or inquiries must be made in writing or email to the Lead Contact named below, by no later than 3:30 p.m. on Friday, October 7th , 2016:

Bruce Hill

PO Box 70, 4304 Hwy 520

Magnetawan, ON

P0A 1P0

IMPORTANT: A Bidder may be disqualified if they make inquiries, between the Proposal issue date and the notification of the Award, in a manner other than that described in this RFP or to anyone involved in the process who is not the Lead Contact, including but not limited to the members of Council. This is to ensure that each Bidder receives the same information and that no Bidder receives unfair treatment during the RFP process.

1.04 Schedule

The schedule set out herein represents the Municipality of Magnetawan’s best estimate of the schedule that will be followed, and it is intended to be a guideline.

The approximate schedule is as follows:

RFP issue date

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Deadline for submission of questions

(see Section 1.05)

Friday, October 7th, 2016 at 3:30pm

Addenda posted on Municipality website

(see Section 1.06)

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

Proposal Submission Deadline

(see Section 1.02)

Friday, October 14th, 2016 at 3:30pm

Notification of Award

by the Municipality of Magnetawan

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

1.05 Required Review and Clarification

Bidders shall carefully review this RFP. If questions concerning clarification of the contents of this document arise, the questions must be made in writing and received by the Lead Contact by            3:30 p.m. on Friday October 7th, 2016.  This will allow time for the issuance of any necessary addenda.  Protests based on any omission or error or on the content of the RFP will be disallowed if these perceived faults have not been brought to the attention of the Lead Contact.

In submitting a Proposal, the Bidder acknowledges that they have read, completely understood, and accepted the terms and conditions of the RFP in full.  The Municipality of Magnetawan is not responsible for any misunderstanding of the RFP.

1.06 Amendments to the RFP

The Municipality of Magnetawan may issue addenda to clarify and/or modify certain aspects of the RFP prior to the Proposal Submission Deadline.  Addenda shall be posted by Tuesday, October 11th , 2016 to and shall be available in the Municipal Office.

1.07 Opening of Proposals

There will be no formal opening of proposals. Typically, a Request for Proposals is evaluated on a more comprehensive set of criteria than a Tender. As such, the contract will not be awarded at the opening, but only after the Evaluation Committee has examined all Proposals in detail and presented their recommendation to Council. Bidders will be notified of the date for the Council meeting at which the Award will be decided, and they are welcome to attend.

1.08 Reserved Rights of the Municipality of Magnetawan

The Municipality of Magnetawan reserves the right to:

  1. make public the names of any or all Bidders and their quoted price;
  2. request written clarification or the submission of supplementary written information in relation to the clarification request from any Bidder and incorporate a Bidder’s response to that request for clarification into the Bidder’s Proposal;
  3. adjust a Bidder’s scoring or reject a Bidder’s Proposal on the basis of

i)      a financial analysis;

ii)     information provided by references;

iii)    the Bidder’s past performance on previous contracts awarded by the Municipality of Magnetawan;

iv)   the information provided by a Bidder pursuant to the Municipality of Magnetawan exercising its clarification rights under this RFP process; or

v)    other relevant information that arises during the RFP process;

  1. verify with any Bidder or with a third party any information set out in a Proposal;
  2. check references other than those provided by any Bidder;
  3. disqualify any Bidder whose Proposal contains misrepresentations or any other inaccurate or misleading information, or any qualifications;
  4. disqualify any Bidder or the Proposal of any Bidder who has engaged in conduct prohibited by this RFP;
  5. make changes, including substantial changes, to this RFP provided that those changes are issued by way of addenda in the manner set out in this RFP;
  6. select the Bidder other than the Bidder whose Proposal reflects the lowest cost to the Municipality of Magnetawan or the highest overall score;
  7. cancel this RFP process at any stage;
  8. cancel this RFP process at any stage and issue a new RFP for the same or similar deliverables;
  9. accept or reject any or all Proposals in whole or in part;
  10. discuss with any Bidder different or additional terms to those contemplated in this RFP or in any Bidder’s Proposal;
  11. if a single Proposal is received, reject the Proposal of the sole Bidder and cancel this RFP process or enter into direct negotiations with the sole Bidder.

These reserved rights are in addition to any other expressed rights or any other rights which may be implied in the circumstances.

1.09 Not Responsible for Costs

The Municipality of Magnetawan shall not pay any costs associated with the preparation, submission, or presentation of the Bidder’s Proposal. The Municipality of Magnetawan shall not be liable for any expenses, costs or losses suffered by the Bidder or any third party resulting from the Municipality of Magnetawan exercising any of its expressed or implied rights under this RFP.

1.10 Proposal Expiry Date

Bidders hereby acknowledge that their Proposals shall be irrevocable for a period of 60 days from the Proposal submission deadline.  Extensions to this period may be granted with the mutual agreement of the Municipality of Magnetawan and the successful Bidder and may be initiated by either party.

1.11 Confidentiality and Ownership

Any information provided to the Bidder by the Municipality of Magnetawan before, during or after the project is completed shall be treated as confidential and shall not be used or communicated by the Bidder or any third party in any way unless otherwise identified or permitted by the Municipality of Magnetawan. The information, reports, documentation, plans, etc. that are produced by the successful Bidder in response to this project shall become the exclusive property of the Municipality of Magnetawan. However, intellectual property, such as specific tools, templates, processes, etc. that the Bidder provides as part of the deliverables remains the property of the Bidder.

1.12 Freedom of Information

Any personal information required in the Proposal is received under the authority of the Municipality of Magnetawan. This information shall be an integral component of the submission. All written Proposals received by the Municipality of Magnetawan become a public record. Once a Proposal is accepted by the Municipality of Magnetawan and the contract has been awarded, all information contained in the Proposals may be available to the public, including personal information. Questions about the collection of personal information and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 1989, R.S.O. 1990, as amended may be directed to the Lead Contact.

1.13 Additional Requirements

(a)  The successful Bidder shall ensure that all services and products provided in respect to this proposal are done so in accordance with and under the authorization of all applicable authorities, municipal, provincial, and/or federal legislation.

Section 2      Requirements of Proposal

The successful Proponent / Bidder shall explain, under the following headings, how they will execute the activities and how they propose to recompense the Municipality for such activity. Please explain any formula used to determine the Municipality’s share of the proceeds.

Scrap Metals: iron, steel, aluminum, copper, brass and other metals of value;

Pricing formula for Municipality’s portion?

Mode of Collection, Bins? Stock-pile & magnet? Etc. Schedule of pick-up?

White Goods:  refrigerators, freezers, & air conditioners.

Mode of Collection & schedule?

Payment to Municipality?

How is Freon 12, Freon 22 and other refrigerant handled? Where? By whom? Licensed? etc.

Automobile batteries:

Mode of collection & schedule?

Payment to Municipality?

Rubber Tires:

Mode of Collection? Bins? Stockpile?

Carrier registered with OTS?

Who pays the Municipality? How?

Other assistance from Municipal staff required?

Please explain the proponents need for assistance from municipal staff if any?

Sub-contractors or substitution of a service provider.

Please list any sub-contractors or other service providers not in the direct employ of the proponent, who would be providing a service listed in this Request for Proposal.


Please list, especially municipal references.

(Separate sheets of paper may be included if needed, but should be labelled as to what they are).

Section 3      Evaluation of the Proposals

3.01 Evaluation Criteria, Process and Award

As part of the evaluation process, the Municipality of Magnetawan may contact one or more Bidders to clarify or obtain more information about their Proposal or to request the Bidder to exhibit or otherwise demonstrate the information contained therein. The purpose of these discussions will be to ensure full understanding of the requirements of the RFP and Proposal. Discussions will be limited to specific sections of the RFP identified by the evaluation committee. The Lead Contact will only hold discussions with Bidders who have submitted a proposal deemed to be reasonably acceptable for Award.

The Municipality of Magnetawan may make an Award on the basis of the Proposals received without further discussion with the Bidders.  Therefore, each initial offer should contain the Bidder’s best terms/information, including all required documentation as listed in this RFP.

The evaluation committee will recommend Award to Council for the Bidder achieving the highest combined score based on the rated criteria in 3.02 below.

3.02 Maximum Evaluation Points Summary

Proponents Background, Experience & Facilities                                                       30 points

  • Proof that the proponent is fully qualified to perform the work required, has properly licensed facilities and personnel. Documentation (MoEE Registration numbers, data spec sheets, photographs) etc.

Monetary Recovery to the Municipality                                                                         30 points

  • Formulae and current unit/item prices for each area of recycling.

Pick-up Schedules and proposed Communication of such to Municipality             15 points

  • For scrap metal, white goods, car batteries, and rubber tires. Regular schedule? or communicate pick-up with Municipal staff?

Proponents References for similar work with other Municipalities.                         15 points

Assistance needed from Municipal staff.

  • Ideally, the Municipal staff should not be required to assist with pick up.             10 points

Maximum Points Available                                                                                            100 points

The successful Bidder shall be notified of the Award in writing to the address given on the Form of Proposal, and/or may be contacted verbally or electronically by the Lead Contact.

Section 4  Form of Proposal

I/We, the Undersigned, having examined this Request For Proposals, do hereby offer to enter into an Agreement with the Municipality of Magnetawan to provide a Scrap Recycling Services under the terms as included.

I,We __________________________________________________________________

(Name-Print)                                                      (Position)

of ____________________________________________________________________

(Company Name)

Dated at ____________________________this _______________ day of ___________________, 2015.






CITY                                                                 PROVINCE                               POSTAL CODE


TELEPHONE NO.                                  FACSIMILE NO.                        E-MAIL ADDRESS

Receipt of any issued addenda shall be acknowledged by initialing in the space provided below.

Addendum No. 1 ___ Addendum No. 2 __        __ Addendum No. 3 _          ___

Signature in the designated space, by an authorized officer of the Bidder’s company affirms acceptance of the Request for Proposal requirements set forth in this document, the associated costs attributed to the business arrangement between the Bidder and the Municipality of Magnetawan, and hereby certifies that the information supplied in this proposal to be true and complete in all respects.

Company Seal

Lead Contact: Bruce Hill

Superintendent of Public Works


Phone: 705-349-3034

Fax: 705-387-4875