Half Load Restrictions in Effect Monday March 9th 2020

We will be enforcing half load restrictions beginning Monday March 9th 2020. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our municipal office at 705-387-3947 OR publicworks@magnetawan.com.

During this period of time:

  • Vehicles are restricted to load limits of 5 tonnes per axle
  • There is limited truck and transport access to these areas

Reason for weight requirements

In the spring, as frost comes out of the ground and moisture comes out of the road bed:

  • Roads become softer and weaker
  • Heavy loads on roads can cause it to sink and break apart, which can lead to permanent damage
  • Half-load restrictions are put in place to protect our roads and road beds from being damaged
  • Reduces the need of having to re-build a road after every spring thaw

Vehicle exceptions

Passenger vehicles are exempt from these restrictions.