Victoria Day Long Weekend Reminders

Please try to limit shopping trips to one per week, and if possible, have one-person shop for the household. Plan ahead and make a list of what you need to limit your number of trips into the store(s) to reduce wait times and lineups.

For new arrivals to the community, if possible please bring what you need from home and be prepared upon your arrival. This will reduce your time spent waiting in lines, and supporting continued social distancing.

Please remember non-essential businesses that are typically open for the May long weekend remain closed or have limited services such as curb-side pick-up, while they are preparing to serve you after Provincial restrictions are lifted, their services may be limited or not available.

Grocery Stores
Local grocery stores are stocked with supplies, however due to measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect their customers and staff, our grocery stores have special procedures in place to limit the number of people in the stores at one time to ensure physical distancing is possible.
This means delays entering the stores. Physical distancing measures are also in place throughout the stores including one-way isles and changes to check out procedures.

Hardware Stores & Garden Centres
Effective May 8 & 9, 2020 Hardware stores and Garden Centres were permitted to re-open to in-store shopping. Our stores have re-opened however they have procedural changes and restrictions in place to ensure physical distancing is practiced, these include limiting the number of people in the stores. Although their store is open (5 customers MAX) Magnetawan Home Hardware is requesting that if at all possible, please continue to phone in orders for curbside pickup. Their garden centre is open for two people at a time MAX.

Local Restaurants Offering Take-out or Delivery
While restaurants have been ordered closed to public access, they are still able to offer take-out or delivery services.


We offer the following advice:


BYOS (bring your own stuff)

• Bring a supply of groceries, prescriptions, beverages, and other items that will be used and consumed.

Practice and promote precautions

• Arrive in our community with a strong commitment to physical distancing.

• Maintain a keen awareness that this will not be summer-as-usual in all of the places where we love to gather: festivals, markets, public watersides, and family celebrations.

• Bring with you, non-medical grade masks for necessary outings and always wear your mask properly covering your nose and mouth.

• Avoid gatherings that involve people not included in your daily seasonal household.


Eliminate all avoidable risk

• Please, please, please – avoid risk and the potential need for emergency health care.

• This is not the summer for risky DIY, like cutting down the very large pine tree that’s been hanging over the screen porch. This is not the summer for a careless barefoot encounter with a rattlesnake.

• Hire a local professional and support (not visit) your local hospital.

Burning Restrictions

Effective May 16 at 12:01 am the MNRF will be lifting the Restricted Fire Zone in the Province of Ontario. The Magnetawan Fire Department will set the Fire Rating to HIGH allowing for a 2’x2’ enclosed camp fire.

For any questions regarding the Fire Rating please contact Fire Chief Joe Readman at or call/text 705-349-8477

Crown Land Camping Restrictions
Under the emergency order, no individual can camp on Crown Land while the order is in effect.

Any equipment used for the purpose of outdoor recreational accommodation such as a tent, trailer, tent trailer, recreational vehicle, camper-back and any watercraft equipped for overnight accommodation are prohibited on public lands, including those covered by water.

Boat Launch 

All Municipally owned boat launches in Magnetawan are open for use at this time.
No groups greater than five
Public events and social gatherings of more than five people are prohibited by the Province of Ontario.

Get togethers with friends and family members outside of your household resulting in a group greater than five people is strictly prohibited.

Physical Distancing on the Water
Physical distancing rules still apply, even on the water. If you need to go out on the water, please take precautions to ensure you are being safe and continuing to distance from others, this means no beaching your boat next to someone else and no rafting up while on the water.

Travel between communities
Traveling outside of your community for any reason puts yourself and others at risk of contracting COVID-19. Although it may seem harmless to go out of the area to do your grocery shopping or visit a family member, you risk spreading the virus to another community or bringing it back to your own.
Car accidents, breakdowns and unplanned bathroom breaks could also risk furthering the spread of the virus.


Remember, even asymptomatic people can be carriers of COVID-19, unnecessary trips into the community, or needing to call on emergency services could cause you to unknowingly contract or spread the virus. Please do your part, stay safe and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.