Water & Diving

Swimming can be found at numerous beaches along the river: Public or Private Beaches. The depth of the river makes exploring the bottom of the river exciting for the scuba diver or snorkeler. Every scuba diver’s dream is a sunken ship to explore. More than one steamboat sunk in the waters of the Magnetawan.

One of the magnificent steamboats that plied the Magnetawan River was the Wenonah. After 20 years of service she was drydocked and in 1906 was converted to a tug. The Wenonah was not fated to serve as a towboat very long. One afternoon during the summer of 1908, the old steamer, commanded by Captain Stephen Croswell of Ahmic Harbour, left the wharf at Midlothian for Magnetawan with an empty scow in tow. She did not get far before sparks from the fireboxes apparently ignited the cordwood being used for fuel, and soon flames were spreading around her stack. Unable to check the blaze, the crew took to the scow, and were soon picked up by local people who had seen what was happening. The engine, still functioning, took the burning vessel over to the foot of Echo Rock on the south side of Lake Cecebe. Here she finally filled and sank. The engine and boiler were later retrieved, but the bottom of the hull, containing the remains of the steel firebox, can still be seen to this day.