2020 Street Sweeping


Road Operations conduct the Annual Spring Street Sweeping Program to clean streets of sand deposited during winter control, and other debris.

Spring street sweeping improves water quality and the environment by removing pollutants that can be transferred to downstream water bodies. The Street Sweeping Program also improves the cleanliness and aesthetics of streets and parking lots.

How You Can Help

  1. Please do not push sand into piles on the road as the sweeper cannot pick them up.
  2. Please minimize residential street parking during this process and ensure that basketball nets, etc. are not in the roadway.


Sweeping consists of a two-part process as follows:

  1. A mechanical sweeper capable of picking up heavy sand deposits and debris makes a pass of the street, and
  2. A second pass of the street with a vacuum sweeper to remove any fine material that may remain(this could be a few days later)

Any concerns or questions, please contact the municipal office at (705) 387-3947 or info@magnetawan.com