Staff Members

Derek Young

Fire Chief

Phone (705) 349-8477

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Erica Kellogg

Deputy Clerk Planning and Development 

Extension 1011

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Jamie Goldring

Building Official/Fire Prevention Officer 

Extension 1004

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Jason Newman

By-law Enforcement Officer

Phone (705) 477-3793

Email By-law

Laura Brandt

Deputy Clerk Recreation and Communications

Extension 1002

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Michelle Tamblyn

Administrative Assistant-General and Finance 

Extension 1008

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Natalie Travaglini

Administrative Assistant-General and Finance

Extension 1007

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Rachel Grundy

Casual Office Assistant 

Extension 1009

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Scott Edwards

Public Works Superintendent

Phone (705) 349-3034

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Steve Robinson

Parks & Maintenance Manager

Extension 1006

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Tyler Irwin

Chief Building Official

Phone (705) 387-4029

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