Dufferin Methodist Cemetery

The Dufferin Methodist Cemetery once boasted a small church but it’s position is not so well defined. Here lies the remains of six young children of James and Janey Morden who died within a few days of each other when a virus hit their home on Muskrat Valley Road in January of 1902. They ranged in age from a year and a half to twelve. Only their oldest daughter survived this epidemic, which swept through the area taking others as well.

There were several Morden families in this settlement one of who was buried here; Joseph, his wife Amelia Vigrass and their son Ernest E. Morden. Others who rest here: Alvin’s parents John Alexander and Olive Cooper Farrow; John Brown, his wife Susan and infant son Thomas; Wm. Robinson who had lived out the Rock Hill Road died 1905, age 92; Elias and Laura Ashton lost four young children, baby Charles in 1982, 15 year old Elias in 1900, 10 year old Laura in January 1902 and Emily at 6 years old in February 1902, probably from the same sickness that hit the Morden family; John Vickers, son of Thomas and Lotties; Mary Anne Battlin, 72, wife of Wm. Adams 85, and their son Wm. E. Adams aged 28. Mr. Adams was a native of Cornwallis, England.

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