Recreation, events and community engagement are vital to the livelihood and success of our community.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some recreation activities are postponed until further notice. Please view our Events Calendar to see our weekly programming dates, times & class descriptions!

Our October and November Recreational Calendar is now available for download: Recreation Calendar

If you would like to lead/teach a new class or program please contact the Community & Recreation Supervisor, Erin Murphy at (705) 387-3947 or by email at

Nordic Pole Walking Starts October 26!

Walking poles and snowshoes will be provided or you can bring your own.

Please review our COVID-19 Procedures for this program before participating.



We offer a full range of recreational programming and activities for all ages to encourage healthy and active living in the Municipality of Magnetawan. Browse through the list to find a program that is suitable for you:


Pickleball is a racquet sport that has become increasingly popular and combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong and is easily adaptable for different skill levels. Come our and learn the rules of the game and basic skill fundamentals! Or if you are an experienced player, come perfect your skills! Pickleball is typically offered during the summer and winter season.

Exercise Classes

Healthy Aging

This class offers a full body workout with a range of exercises focusing on strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health. Registration is required, please contact the Municipal Office for more details. Classes are held at the Municipality of Magnetawan Lion's Pavilion on Tuesdays from 10:15am to 11:15am and Thursdays from 11:15am to 12:15pm.

Flex & Balance (for ages 65+)

Flex and Balance is catered to those who want to work on flexibility and fall prevention. This class aims to increase participants functional strength and teaches healthy physical habits. Registration is required, please contact the Municipal Office for more details. Classes are held at the Municipality of Magnetawan Lion's Pavilion on Tuesdays from 11:30am to 12:30pm.

Nordic Pole Walking

Looking for a total full body workout that offers cardio and muscle strengthening all in one? Look no further! Nordic Pole Walking is a high intensity, low impact workout that targets your upper and lower body muscles. This program gives you the opportunity to explore local trails and learn basic hiking skills. Participants can borrow walking poles from the Municipality of Magnetawan. This program is suitable for all ages and various fitness levels.


A fun winter activity for everyone! Participants are taught how to properly use snowshoes as they walk the Magnetawan trails. Participants can borrow shoes from the Municipality of Magnetawan and have the option to also use Nordic poles to help with balance.

Floor Curling

Similar to curling and shuffleboard, floor curling is set up on a flat surface and can be adjusted to accommodate different playing styles. Floor curling can be played in either a seated position or standing. The Municipality provides push poles for participants to use and this program is available during the fall and winter seasons.


Learn the ins and outs of archery! A program where participants are taught the fundamentals of shooting a bow. All participants receive a safety and orientation lesson before they take part in archery. The Municipality provides all the necessary archery equipment for participants. This program is available during the summer months.

Drop in Sports

Drop in sports provide a great opportunity for individuals to learn a new sport, meet new friends and participate in a physical activity. Sports that are being offered include: basketball, frisbee, pickleball, floor hockey, ice skating, lawn games and more! Drop in sports are being offered at the Municipality of Magnetawan Lion's Pavilion and the equipment is provided for participants.

Swimming Lessons

The Magnetawan Lion's Club offers free swimming lessons for three weeks during the summer at the Lion's Centennial Park.

For more information please visit their website or contact Cliff Cookman at Email Cliff


Do you have a program you would like to see being offered? Please contact the Community and Recreation Supervisor at or call the Municipal Office at (705) 387-3947