St. John's Anglican Cemetery Dufferin Bridge

(Vigrass Cemetery)

Near the Muskrat Valley Road once stood a small St. John’s Anglican Church where now all that remains is the outline of the stone foundation, guarded by a comparatively young pine tree. Around it lays the lonely cemetery beckoning the traveler to stop and visit.

Wm. Beasley lies here with two wives, one who died at 19 years, 7 months, probably in childbirth; Ruth Ellen Downing Vigrass, most likely from the same cause at age 18 years, 2 months; three other members of the Downing family, Laura, Richard, and Jean; James Burn’s wife Mary; Annabelle McDonald wife of Garfield Phillips; James and Thomas Hughes 25 and 30; children of James and Martha Vigrass, Lilla Jane 14 and Edwin Paul 22 both drowned in separate accidents; the parents James and Martha Beckett Vigrass, who headstone has been vandalized; Anne E. Granger infant daughter of Wm. And Elizabeth; John Robert Moring’s wife Katherine Mary Stevens; Morley David and Madeline M. Sawdon; Raymond M. and Audrey E.Burns Sawdon; and David Shelswell and his wife Hannah M. Holmes.

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