Knoepfli Falls

The Knoepfli Falls was built at the same time as the locks and dam in Magnetawan. The falls can be seen from Hwy #124. This picturesque falls is magnificent considering that it actually has a purpose. The dam was erected to raise the water height in Ahmic Lake, and this enabled the steamboats to enter the lake and deposit both passengers and cargo in Ahmic Harbour, during the exploration of our district.

Turn right (west) on Hwy 124 at Sundridge. Drive west about 25 km to Hwy 510 which goes south to Magnetawan. Continue west on Hwy 124 for another 7 km. to a bridge crossing over the river. The falls are to your left. You cant safely park on the highway, so turn around and backtrack east for a few hundred metres to short road leading south (right) to a dead-end at the abandoned bridge over the crest of the falls. The total fall here is probably less than 7 or 8 m, and is spread over a long stretch of close to 100 m of bubbling, boiling waters. The river starts to fall at a very low dam under an old abandoned concrete bridge over the river. It then splits into two long, narrow, bedrock lined channels, each separated by a long, low rock ridge visible in the photograph. The two channels combine into one about 10m before the river flows under Hwy 124. After a few small rapids downstream of the bridge, the river calms down into flat-water. You can walk around the bedrock and open woods surrounding this falls.