Magnetawan Area Trails

Ahmic Lake Golf Club Trails (5 Km.) (Private Trail)

Take the golf course road skirting the Magnetawan River on your left. At the end of the road, trails lead off into the Broadmeadow wildlife Area, giving the naturalist a feast for the eyes in the light forest around this picturesque golf course.

For information, please call 705-387-3961

The "Dam Trail" (1.5 km)

Once in the Village of Magnetawan, venture over to the newly restored dam and locks. Follow the “Dam Trail” signs around the island and take in vistas of waterfalls, granite outcroppings, the old lighthouse on Scenic Lake Cecebe, and Centennial Park. This trail is adjacent to the museum in the old Powerhouse.

AHMIC Lake Trail (50 km)

From Ahmic Harbour, head southeast along the Ahmic Lake Road past the narrows of Neighick and Crawford Lakes. Follow trail signs until you meet up with the Old Nipissing “Ghost Road” at Spence. Head north (left) past the Spence cemetery; enjoy the scenery of Ahmic Lake along the way. At Magnetawan, take in the historical sights, catch a swim, and head out of town northwest on Hwy #520 to Hwy #124 west. This short portion of highway skirts Whalley Lake, then passes Knoepfil Falls where Ahmic Lake drops back into the Magnetawan River. Make sure you stop at Knoepfli Falls with your camera or sketchbook. A little further along, Fagan’s Falls also drops into the Magnetawan River just before the Village of Ahmic Harbour.

Old Green House Trails (15 km) (Private Trail)

Edging along bogs, wetland, first and second growth forests. These groomed trails invite you to enjoy the birds and wildlife at its best. Follow the trails past moose pastures, deer yards, small clearings and dense thickets typical of Near North terrain. Return to a tasty meal at the Old Green House Restaurant and Lounge and tour the old museum to complete your outing. Take Hwy #520 to Hwy #124 west 12 km. to the Old Green House, just past Ahmic Harbour

For information, please call 705-387-0248

Woodland Trails (2 km) (Private Trail)

Head south of Sparks Street and west on Victoria Street to the gate of Woodland Echoes Resort. From here trail signs along wetland, beaver dams and ponds, and head on into light second growth mixed forest east of the Magnetawan River. From here, a meadow trail hugs the forest and winds back to the trailhead. Dinner available by reservation in the lodge dining room, for those who wish to finish the day in a relaxed dining atmosphere.

For information, please call 705-387-3866

Faylawn Farm Trails (1.5 km) (Private Trail)

This old log skidding trail passes through second growth spruce and areas of virgin hemlock and mixed hardwoods. An easy trail for novice cross country skiers and hikers. Take Hwy 520 west out of the Village of Magnetawan and turn left on Jackson Road. Watch for Faylawn Farm sign on the right.

For information, please call 705-387-4342.