In the Fall of 2019, resolutions were passed by participating municipalities to create a regional Community Safety Plan.  In early 2020, we reached out to approximately 30 community stakeholders with a survey to obtain vital information that would help us determine what our residents needs are based on agency activity through identifying risks, gaps and actions to implement from. 

Currently the participating municipalities within Almaguin are working together to create a draft regional Community Safety Plan estimated to be completed by the end of 2021.


Letter from Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services 

2019-226 Almaguin Community Safety Plan Resolution 


Letter from the Office of the Solicitor General April 24, 2020 

Appendix A - Resource Document - Data Sources to support CSWB Planning

Appendix B - Resource Document - Funding opportunities to support CSWB Planning

Appendix C - FAQs version 2 - CSWB Planning - Updated Apr 2020

Appendix D - CSWB Planning Framework A Shared Commitment in Ontario (Booklet 3, v2)

Extension Letter from Office of the Solicitor General


Almaguin Safety and Well-Being Plan Community Survey 


Almaguin Survey Results 

Magnetawan Survey Results 

Final Community Engagement Results Combined 

Almaguin Highlands Community Safety and Well-Being Plan 2021-2025


Community Safety Plan Committee August 10, 2020 Minutes